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Gibraltar Climbing Association Committee



My name is Pawel and I have been climbing for almost 20 years now. When I first went to the local climbing Gym, I somehow knew that it will be something more than just a training day. Climbing became not only my passion but a lifelong pursuit of personal growth and adventure. It provided me with the opportunity to connect with nature, meet some great people and travel around the world to discover the most famous climbing destinations.

As a president of GCA, I want to help and support building a strong climbing community in Gibraltar. My goal as a climber is to share my passion and allow young passionate climbers to reach their full potential and discover climbing in their unique and personal way.


Tel & WhatsApp: +34 628123981



Equipment and Safety Officer

Steve is a climbing and outdoor instructor, and also the owner of Barbary Rock Adventures.  He has been climbing for more than 40 years; over this time he has perfected his outdoor, team leader, and training skills.  His climbing qualifications include, the Mountain Training – Rock Climbing Instructor (SPA), the Mountain Training - Site Specific Trainers Award.  Steve has also completed the Foundation Coach Training. 


He is also the Safety and Equipment member of the Gibraltar Climbing Association.  Steve intends to run coaching sessions at the Boulder Park that will inevitably enable students to successfully develop and progress their bouldering skills.


Tel & WhatsApp: +350 54015063



Social media Manager

Hello, I am Blanka. A happy outdoor soul who's a passionate runner, climber, slackliner, and hiker. I am working for more than 7 years in the climbing industry and I love every sports activity which is connected to nature. Running kids' classes in Rock Boulder Park and giving adult climbing classes.


My most of favorite is Via Ferrata and Rockclimbing. During the summer also provided Slackline Workshops in Spain. In the last couple of years running and trail running my biggest passion. I am always more than happy to share a passion for climbing running or slacklining with everyone who wants to be involved and feel the freedom and joy of outdoor sports.

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Alec is an avid rock climber and keen mountaineer. Alec enjoys most of his weekends either climbing at the local crags within the area or exploring different mountain trails.

Alec is also a seasonal snowboarder and bodyboarder with a sparked interest in SUP. He’s currently serving full-time within the British Army and holds the rank of sergeant.


Keilan Schembri

Fundraising Manager



Safeguarding Officer

Bharat was first introduced to rock climbing as a student and began with sport and lead climbing but more recently has found a passion for bouldering, both in the gym and out in the local area. To him climbing is a rewarding experience that allows the opportunity to develop a range of both physical and mental skills. Climbing can be as challenging as you like, with clear goals, while also being a sociable and easy way to meet and interact with other climbers.

Bharat has experience as a coach, having worked with children to teach them skills needed for sport and lead climbing. With the opening of the boulder park he had the opportunity to be involved in training for coaching and has completed the Foundation coaching course. This along with several years of school teaching experience have helped inform him how to support others to develop their climbing skills, and reach set goals in a way that is enjoyable.



Website content Manager

I am Emanuel Trandafir, an avid rock climber, hiker, and trail runner based in Gibraltar. The rugged landscape of Gibraltar provides endless opportunities for my passions.


I am always seeking new challenges and experiences in the climbing and running community.

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